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How is your aim?  How is it after a couple adult beverages?

Find out with Goofy Cubes!

Goofy Cubes is a 2D physics challenge that tests your skill and dexterity as you try to catapult ice cubes into tasty drinks, which are perilously placed on precarious structures made of stone, ice, snow, even super bouncy rubber. To clear a level, you must sink a cube in every glass without breaking any.

As you plop cubes into drinks, you get progressively more “goofy”, making the next shot that much harder, but worth more points. If the special effects get to be too much, sink a cube in the coffee cup to bring the world back into focus. After all, an episode of vertigo tends to ruin one’s day.

Moving obstacles, slippery surfaces, collapsing house-of-cards structures, and special power cubes to help you beat harder levels are all part of the sensory experience that sets Goofy Cubes apart from any game you’ve ever played.

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